Commission Requests

I am currently accepting commissions!

I create a wide variety of commissions including, but not limited to:

- Logos/Business Branding Icons
- Apparel Design
- Digital Prints
- Custom Tangible Prints

How much does a commissioned work cost?

My rates vary based on time spent, materials and the type of product you are looking for. Please reach out for more accurate estimates. Before I begin a commissioned work I ask for 50% of the estimate as a non-refundable deposit to ensure that my work does not go unpaid. 

Estimates typically include 5 hours of drawing time. This includes as many 're-draws' as necessary within that time period. Beyond 5 hours, an hourly rate is employed. 

A quote and other payment details will be made available on the commission request contract prior to starting a commission.

If you are looking to commission a canvas or framed painting with media such as acrylic, oil or watercolour paint, please note that additional charges for packaging and materials will likely apply.

Reach out to request a custom commission by me! Be sure to specify desired size, content and medium.