• It's really not like that

     There are infinite ways we organize our worlds, and despite our better judgment, the lenses which have once informed us can slip through the crack...
  • Listen up, kids!

    We grow older (brutal, I know). Inside ourselves is the same self that we’ve carried all our lives. Every version, every phase. We often talk about...
  • Body: Corporality and the Capacity for the Sacred

    This is short essay I wrote back in 2022 examining the capacity for bodies to be sacred spaces. Outlining the significance of attributing holiness to ourselves, I try to identify commonalities between our corporal experience, and the sacredness we can visualize in sites of divinity worldwide.
  • It doesn't really matter but it kinda really does

    Reflecting on a phrase from my youth about mountains and their humbling nature, I found myself contemplating the vastness and enduring presence of nature. As I immersed myself in the forest, observing its inhabitants and ancient trees, I felt a profound sense of smallness and peace, stepping back from the intensity of personal struggles. Nature's timeless existence and indifference to human concerns reminded me of the fleeting yet meaningful nature of our own experiences. Sitting by the lake with my faithful dog, I realized the significance of these moments, cherishing the opportunity to engage with life's complexities and fleeting beauty.
  • On Grief and the Spring | Monday, March 25, 2024

    The passage reflects on the arrival of spring, noting its beauty but also acknowledging the complexities and challenges it brings. I try to explore personal and collective grief, particularly regarding societal injustices and environmental degradation. I reflect on the need for radical change and the importance of self-compassion, community support, and environmental stewardship. Ultimately, I try to draw inspiration in the gentle care demonstrated by nature during spring and express a desire to learn from it. The message encourages embracing care and compassion amidst the realities of grief and change.
  • If You Must Die, 2024 by Sami McKay

    If You Must Die, 2024 is a piece inspired by a period of prolonged loss. Witnessing age, sickness, and mental health take its toll on loved ones, this piece fully encapsulates the wishes we have for our people in their final moments. Inspired closely by the weeks leading up to the loss of one of my parents, this piece is a cry for mercy, a hope for the transcendence of pain, and the graceful transition from life into death.
  • An Interview with Atmosphere Press

    In an insightful interview, Sami McKay unveils the profound inspirations that breathe life into her poetry collection, offering a window into her manuscript. With eloquence and depth, McKay illuminates the intimate origins of her verses, weaving personal experiences and universal themes into a tapestry of poetic brilliance. Through poignant reflections and heartfelt anecdotes, she introduces her manuscript, inviting readers on a lyrical journey that celebrates the beauty of emotions and the human spirit, leaving an indelible mark on those who venture into her poetic world.